WAT Update (KB971033) for Windows 7 Disables Activation Cracks with Dynamic Signature

Microsoft released and distributed a new update for Windows Activation Technologies, a built-in activation and validation system (Windows Activation Technologies) into Windows 7. The new update will be delivered via Windows Update, with title of “Update for Microsoft Windows (KB971033)” . The update (KB971033) can be individually downloaded from Microsoft Download Center.

This update will detect more than 70 known and potentially dangerous activation exploits, like RemoveWAT and Chew-WGA  which defeated the Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) of Microsoft. These activation exploits are also known as “hacks”, as they attempt to bypass or compromise Windows’ activation technologies.

When this update is installed, it performs a validation process for the copy of Windows that is running on your computer. However, this validation process does not affect the functionality of Windows. The update process exits silently if it detects no validation errors, activation exploits, or tampered files.

If the update discovers a tampered file, it tries to restore the file. This restore may require a restart. If this update cannot restore the tampered files, it will direct you more information on the Internet.

Validation errors and activation exploits try to bypass the Windows activation process and are sometimes included with counterfeit copies of Windows. If a validation error or activation exploit is detected, you will be directed to more information on the Internet for resolution of the activation exploit or the validation error. When validation errors or activation exploits are removed, you may be asked to use a valid product key to activate the copy of Windows 7 that is running on your computer. If you decide not to resolve the validation error or the activation exploit at that time, you will be periodically notified that the copy of Windows 7 that is running on your computer is not genuine. Additionally, Windows will provide a link to more information online for resolution.

The main issue behind the KB971033 is that this update will “call home” to Microsoft every 90 days initially. The callback to the Microsoft’s activation server serves as an additional layer of periodic validation, which allows the WAT system to download the latest ‘signatures’ that are used to identify new activation exploits – much like an anti-virus software, to identify new activation exploits in order to verify and determine whether the Windows 7 installed on a PC is original or pirated, and take various actions to change the user experience and behavior of the PC .

Although for pirated Windows 7 users, KB971033 Windows Activation Technologies update is optional and voluntary. It’s marked as Important update in Windows Update, but user can choose not to install the update.

In case you are not sure if your Windows copy is genuine or not, it is better you skip this update. But please, i will recommend you to buy and use genuine copy of Windows Operating system as the pirated ones are injected with malware and trojans most of the time.


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