Restoring Your Hard Drive Image With “Clonezilla”

Yesterday i have told you “How to create Disk image using Clonezilla. But today i am going to tell you how to restore your hard drive image from an image created by Clonezilla.

If you want to restore a system from an image, boot the system from the CloneZilla Live CD. The procedure is the same as in up to but not including step 12 of my previous article.

Here is rest steps to restore a backed-up image to your hard drive, please follow them carefully…

  • When you see “Choose the Mode” Screen, don’t select Savedisk, but Restoredisk instead, and press Enter button…

  • Clonezilla will prompt you to choose an image file to restore – there should be only one. Press Enter.
  • Select Where To Restore: Now Clonezilla will display a list of all the unmounted partitions that you can restore the image on to. Clonezilla wipes the partition and creates a new partition table on the disk, so be careful, or you’ll be in trouble…

  • Some text line will appear at the bottom of your computer screen. Press Enter.
  • You’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to continue. Enter Y and Press Enter.
  • You’ll be asked again if you’re sure you want to continue. Enter Y and Press Enter.
  • After a considerable amount of scrolling text, you’ll see a Partclone window with a bar graph indicating how things are going…

  • Afterward press ENTER…

  • …..and type 0 to Shutdown the CloneZilla system and remove the CloneZilla Live CD and boot from the hard drive..

If all goes well, Your restored hard drive will boot the system and behave just like the original drive you backed up earlier.

Backing up your hard drive by this way is  really a time consuming, and will tie up some modestly expensive hardware. For most Windows users, it will entail repeating the backup procedure periodically, to keep your backed up disk image up to date. It will, however, provide you with a  bulletproof way to get your computer back online quickly and reliably in the event of something nasty happening to your Windows installation.

I hope this article will help you a lot. Do let me know your experiences with “Clonezilla”


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