ShadyURL:- Make Your URL Suspicious

Nowadays, Link shortening has become a commonplace on facebook, twitter, blogs and even on warez site. With the rapid growth of URL shortening services like TinyURL, Bit.Ly and, it has really become easier for people to engage in link bait tactics by masking the SEO-friendly permalink with random nonsensical links.

But guys if you are looking for a real fun and geeky way to link share links with your friends, then you should check out a newcomer ShadyURL. In ShadyURL you will see that it will not shorten any of your URL , rather, it will make it longer and more suspicious and dangerous. Whomever you send these links, he’ll definitely ask you “What the heck is this?” or more likely he’ll say that “I’m not gonna click on this”…even though the link is safe.

In order to change your boring and long URL into a scary and suspicious one, just enter your link in the field box and click submit. Tick the shorten box if you want to generate a shorter, but somewhat less shady-looking website address. ShadyURL will then pop up with a new URL that seemingly looks like a malicious website.

Here’s some example of website of most common website with their changed links… became became–_d3q0x_10101110010110101001 became

This is real fun…Guys so what are you waiting for start scaring your friends or your visitors with a new innovative idea from ShadyURL.


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