First Glimpse: Digital Defender “Another Free Anti-Virus”

Before Internet  connectivity was widespread, viruses were typically spread by infected floppy disks, but after technology revolution broadband/internet connections came into effect which became the common source of  malwares.

Nowadays number of viruses and other threats, which arrives from the Internet are growing very rapidly, therefore an effective protection is really necessary for every computer user and it also became essential to update virus checkers more and more frequently.

Today, i am going to share about another Anti-Virus software which i have got to know from Virus bulletin. Digital Defender is a free Antivirus which is from DSECsoftware Ltd, Fareham, Hampshire United Kingdom.

Digital Defender is free for non-commercial users which provides comprehensive protection for every system. It is adequately equipped to protect basic users from a variety of computer threats, including viruses, spyware, worms and Trojans. Its user interface was very well designed to be easy to use for both beginners and experienced users.

It has been brought into my notice from DSECsoftware Ltd spokesperson that they are using VIRUSbuster engine for it’s software. According to them they have implemented a new technology called Ukko for better performance and a memory handling called Vanir for better memory handling in their re-branded anti-virus software.

Digital Defender Antivirus main features:

  • Comprehensive protection for your computer against various malwares.
  • Easy to use.
  • Incremental virus database update.
  • Manual, Automatic and Scheduled scanning (Pro Version only).
  • Realtime protection with pre-defined protection levels.
  • Small memory footprint.
  • 100% free.

Today i was not able to resist myself to test this anti-virus. So in order to test it, I have downloaded and installed Digital Defender in my Virtual Machine . The setup file was only about 6.83 MB in size which I’d considered it to be very small if compared to other anti-virus software’s. The initial update takes some time to finish, perhaps it is downloading the latest signature database. I pretty much like the interface because it is very clean, simple, easy to understand and use for both beginners and experienced users.

After installing Digital Defender on a clean Windows XP Professional SP3 with all latest hotfixes, I am seeing a total of 4 processes with about 52MB memory being taken up. During a full system scan it takes up 45% CPU usage in average. Digital Defender took 8 minutes and 10 seconds to complete scanning 9878 items which i think is average speed .

So after all the above formalities i have started a real time test by downloading some nasty malwares from some known shady sources. It Blocked only 2 out of 35 Viruses which i have downloaded from Internet. I also opened some directories contains some pirated video games, Keygens, Patches and other nasty stuff’s and Digital Defender blocked only few of the detected threats and offered to disinfect/delete the files.

Pros & Cons.

Pros: 100% free, small memory footprint, interface is really simple.

Cons: Limited scope and feature set, as well as weak performance.

The Verdict: Digital Defender may be a newcomer to the anti-virus scene, but they’re worth looking into.

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 – 32 bit and 64 bit compatible.

Summary: Overall, Digital Defender is a mediocre security solution. The software has all the essentials features that work efficiently to deliver a fairly complete antivirus package. If you’re looking for a small footprint AV software, which is very easy on system resources, and is capable of stopping malware efficiently and effectively, then Digital Defender deserves a very close look.


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