Threat:- To Your Web-Security.

There are  always innumerable malicious threats lurking on your computer system.  A platform fraught with innumerable security holes that to expose it to any malicious content on the Internet would likely result in things such as Identity theft, Spyware-Virus attack, Hacked accounts, and worse.  Now what’s this problem? The problem, my dear friend, is YOU.

“Only amateurs attack machines; professionals target people.” Bruce Schneier

“There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity..” General Douglas MacArthur

These are some famous quotes from Computer security experts .

So you’re a danger to yourself and others around you when it comes to Internet security…  We’re all guilty of it. We  always and certainly get complacent when it comes to our Internet security. And that’s the topic on which today i am talking about.

Social engineering, which is an easy way for hackers and phishers/scammers to get information out of you. Instead of breaking into your computer  security system they attempt to break into you and your Personal life, using your emails, instant messages, and in some cases even phones or talking to you in real life and collect as much information as possible from you(both of which are more rare cases, but still possible). Once they have gained your trust they begin to break down walls  and windows and takeaway what they really want: your sensitive information, passwords, account numbers, credit cards, social security numbers, access codes… anything they can get their hands on that might prove useful and valuable for them.

In order to stop these bad guys from breaking into your web-life, you need to train your mind out of complacency when it comes to your web security. Three of the easiest ways to lock out the bad guys are:

1. Strong passwords:

Maybe i am sounding like a boring rant master here, but seriously a good password is one of the easiest, and best, deterrents to attacks ranging from account privacy to identity theft. Build a better and strong password for yourself.

2. Trust but always verify:

I am not all suggesting you guys to live your Internet life in a bubble, just use the same precautions you’d use in the real world. Use some of the tips i wrote in my blog post “Top 10 Twitter Safety Tips..” and that should cover your bases.

3. Lock down accounts:

Your privacy is one of your most valuable assets online. For every service you use, from your bank to Twitter, make sure that you understand how their security as well as privacy policies affect you. Also lock down your information such as your address, mobile number, social security number so that only people you want contacting you can do so.

Reducing the amount of information publicly available about you and keeping up with a few easy Internet security tips will go a long way to keeping you always safe… from others as well from yourself too. 🙂

Stay Safe and Feel Secured !!


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  3. btor

    hi can you tell me how to resticts my tweets to few of my friends , so that my office people can not see it.

    nice article man

    August 1, 2010 at 12:41

  4. Amist

    Nice Article … 🙂

    August 26, 2010 at 14:24

  5. have you ever tried avast antivirus before?

    October 23, 2010 at 14:24

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