Gingerbread: Android 3.0

Entirely revamped UI with new details and video conferencing can be part of the new version of the Android operating system.

Several details about the Gingerbread, the new version of the Android mobile operating system, have emerged in recent days to kill the curiosity of users. This time, the news is out that the upcoming version of Android 3.0, Gingerbread, will strongly compete with the latest version of iPhone and Windows Phone.


In relation to the interface, some new features had started to appear after the acquisition of Matias Duarte (Lead Designer of Palm’s WebOS), with the intention of letting Android be much more beautiful than its competitors.

According to Phandroid, most of the UI changes to Gingerbread thus far are quite subtle. Most of the standard icons, like the Android debugging icon, completely redone to give "simpler and cleaner look." The overall OS experience is easier on the eyes and the overall aesthetic has a more uniform feel to it, as if it were designed in an individual effort.

Initially, most of the changes are noticeable on the notification bar. Rather than the bright white notifications present on current Android, they’ve taken on a warmer, "slate grey" tone. The green color becomes more prevalent in Android 3.0, as expected.


Although it is expected that all these improvements will make the system a little more demanding in relation to configuration. Some affirm that Google is going to implement hardware acceleration in future versions of Android which would leave many mobile devices out of the update. But its still not confirmed till date.

Google Voice, video conferencing and music store

After the iPhone 4 FaceTime (and now Mac too), it is clear that all companies associated with mobile technology will also want to implement video chat on their phones. Google have also started working to add more functionality at the core of Android. The idea is to use the same functionality into the Gingerbread that powers the video chat on the desktop version of Google Talk.

In addition to that there are possibilities that Google will add SIP support in their Google Voice application which will allow users to receive their calls at their Google Voice number over Wi-Fi and cellular data. The function could end up incorporating video chats, which would make much sense.

Google Music?

The online music store of Google, that already had a forecast to be released by Christmas this year, is also contemplated to be present in the new version of the Android operating system. It would be surely a great way for users to download and manage multimedia content on their devices.

With so many new features, the Android devices will definitely gain more strength to compete with Windows and Apple iPhone. The strengths, if it will be a reality, are the Voice Chat and Video and Google’s Music store.

The launch of Gingerbread is expected between late 2010 and early 2011.

Let’s see, if that’s true or not..

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