The World’s Most Dangerous Top Level Domains

McAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security technology company, has recently published its latest “Mapping the Mal Web” report. According to the report, the most dangerous and riskiest TLD in the world is the .COM domain. About 56% of riskiest websites finishes with this domain.

Here is The five TLDs with the greatest percentage of risky registrations were:

  • .COM (Commercial) 31.3%
  • .INFO (Information) 30.7%
  • .VN (Vietnam) 29.4%
  • .CM (Cameroon) 22.2%
  • .AM (Armenia) 12.1%

McAfee analyzed more than 27 million websites to find out which areas offer more risk. Geographically, the sites of Vietnam (.VN) are the most dangerous, while those in Japan (.JP) are the most reliable for navigation. Moreover, the report also showed that 6.2 percent of the 27 million analyzed sites present security risks. Last year it was 5.8 percent.


Paula Bass, Director of Research, McAfee Labs™, said that "Last year Vietnam’s .VN was a relatively safe domain, and this year it moved to the third most dangerous domain in the world”

Paul also explained that "Regions preferred by criminals are those where the registration of websites is cheap, convenient and poses little risk to cybercriminals. A domain considered safe this year can be dangerous next year.”

Another tactic used by cybercriminals is registering websites in domains similar to the top level domains. One example is the .CM (Cameroon). Because of the distraction and typing mistakes, a surfer tries to access the Website, can end up falling in, which may explain the position of the African country, ranking second in the riskiest domain country.

Safest domains: .TRAVEL and .EDU are the safest top-level domains with less than .05 percent of sites infected, which is one in 2,000 sites.

The PDF file with the full report can be found on the McAfee Web site. In addition, visitors can view the research in an interactive map.


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