Google Spreadsheets gets new features and tools..

New editor for graphics app makes life easier for Google users.

To create spreadsheets in Google Spreadsheets is as easy as on a similar application installed on your computer. The biggest problem for Google docs online service was the creation of graphics. Many users complained about the lack of practicality of the tool for the accomplishment of this relatively simple task.

Taking care of users, Google has recently launched a brand new chart editor in their Google Spreadsheet application, along with some new chart types to choose from.

The most noteworthy and impressive thing included into the new chart editor are that it now automatically recommends chart types based on the data, matches data labels and headers, and even automatically selects colors for each data set.

It also gives you more control over imagery with having advanced visualizations and a full size preview pane so you can see what the end result will look like.

Visual Improvements and Tooling

The look of Google Spreadsheets has also undergone some changes, gaining a much more professional look and feel. According to the software engineer Hillel Maoz, “An updated color palette and new customization options" were also included.

Moreover, Google has also added a series of new chart types that consists of annotated time-lines, organizational charts, gauges, motion charts, and more.


How to get the new features?

According to Google, users can use the new graphics on old documents, but for this they need to perform a manual update. The steps required to make this update can be seen in the video below..

Charts Editor in Google Docs


The new chart editor can be taken for a spin by going to You can learn more about it by going through these  help articles.


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