Chinese University Stores Data In “Bacteria”


iGEM 2010 – A team of students and researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, were responsible for an unusual research. They were able to convert information we store on our hard drives to the DNA code.

The first step was to develop a system that transcribes DNA to data and turns them back without losing any information. Then they were able to store up to 90 GB in just 1 g of E.coli bacteria. E.coli bacteria is very common among humans, causing problems such as meningitis and food poisoning.


However, the Chinese researchers says that the future perspective is to store up to 900,000 GB of information in only 1 gram of bacteria, which would lead to an impressive account, equivalent to 450 hard drives of 2TB.

According to the researchers, these studies may have applications in the future to save text, images, music and video files. In addition, you can store bar codes on synthetic organisms, information security and even copyrights.

The project is called ‘Bioencryption,’ and their “presentation (as a PDF file) is here.”


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