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Two Koreas in Cyber Proxy War


Uriminzokkiri, a North Korea propaganda site, early this week blamed “South Korea’s extreme right-wingers” for a cyber attack that disrupted its website last weekend. The China-based site claimed the hackers were trying to stop its “influence from spreading.”

“They should stop acting recklessly and think carefully about a grave consequence that could be caused by their mean acts,” it warned.

On January 8, the day widely believed to be Kim Jong Eun’s birthday, pictures and messages that derided the Kim dynasty, were posted by hackers on the website as well as the related Twitter account. Meanwhile, a video clip making fun of the younger Kim was posted on YouTube., a Seoul-based internet website, claimed responsibility.

“Some of our users did that in retaliation for a DDOS (denial of service) attack on our site on January 6,” said Kim Yoo-sik, who runs the site. “It is unclear whether it was done by North Korea or a group of North Korea sympathizers inside South Korea.”

Right after the attack disabled his site for 30 minutes, he posted a statement on the front page that said “Jong Il, Jong Eun, Come out, Let’s fight!” in order to show “a strong willingness not to back down at least in cyber world.”

The site, with daily visitors of 1.3-1.5 million, started in 1999 as a small web forum for digital camera users, but now has more than 1,400 boards for free discussion on various topics from North Korea, politics, and entertainment.

Mr. Kim said he sees a change towards North Korea among site users. “Since the Yeongpyeong attack, people have become more fearful but also furious about what happened. They wanted to show their feelings through this cyber attack” (on the North Korea site), he said.

The North Korea site denied the accusation that it attacked, saying that while South Korean site was misleading public opinion, Uriminzokkiri is not a “childish” group that “invades other’s websites or does hacking for fun.”

Meanwhile, the four Tweets posted by hackers from the South Korean site are strangely still available at the time of writing. One of them says “Let’s kill senile Kim Jong Il and tyrannical offspring pig Kim Jong Eun with one stroke of our sword, so that we can eat rice and meat soup and live as happily as people in the South.”

- Wall Street Journal

CBI website hacked by Pak hackers!

New Delhi, Dec 03, 2010: The official website of India’s premier Investigating Agency, CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) has been hacked allegedly by Pakistani hackers with some "dire" threats posted/written on it. The hackers did not just hack the website but they also threatened to turn the Indian cyberspace into hell by carrying out "mass defacement" of other websites.

CBI Hacked

PCA left a message on CBI’s website as following:

"This attempt is in response to the Pakistani websites hacked by ‘Indian Cyber Army’. We told you before too. We are sleeping but not dead. Remember PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army)! Back off kids or we will smoke your d00rs off like we did before. Let’s see what your investigating agency, the so-called CBI, can do for you or for us! haha… one more attempt from your side … we got your every website lying around here like it’s our local server! buahahaha.. so we would like to say to your 31337 hackers and your 31337 NIC team, go and read some more books guys are seriously bunch of script_kiddies! know nothing rite now.. got r00t access to NTC server? ..mass about something like this..a planned attack! haha.. btw we got r00t to your NIC too  Your filtering sucks. Have fun! And DO NOT DISTURB..We got better things to do.. ..Stop complaining about Pakistani websites security. Secure your own ass first. That’s what intelligent people do!"

A message by Pakistan Cyber Army
Pakistan Zindabad!

In addition to the CBI website, HEX786, a Pakistani hacker, has also claimed that they have hacked 270 Indian websites on 27 Nov 2010, in response to Indian Cyber Army’s attack on Hijbul Mujahidin’s official website, on 26/11.

HEX786 warned Indian Hackers (Indian Cyber Army) not to attack and deface any Pakistani websites!

"CBI is aware that its official website has been hacked and defaced. An inquiry has been launched and necessary remedial measures are underway to restore it," CBI PRO RK Gaur said.

At present, the website has still not been restored.

Complete list of hacked websites can be found here.