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Google Now Warns Users about Hacked and Compromised Websites !!

Google Warning

With the number of websites, blogs and portals growing every day, there is an overwhelming amount of news everyday, talking about data theft and websites that have been invaded by hackers and crackers. The latest news of this kind was the invasion of the popular blog Gawker Media, which resulted in the exposure of entire database of Gawker Media’s web properties.

Sensitive information has been exposed, including staff conversations, their private passwords used within the network and passwords also used by people who have registered to comment.

Thinking of a way to make web-browsing safer for users, Google added a new notification to its search system that alerts users about sites that may have been hacked or modified by unauthorized users.

How the notification works

Sites that possibly have been hacked or had its contents changed by unauthorized persons will show the message "This Site May Be Compromised" (This site may have been compromised), which can be seen just below the title displayed in Google search.

Clicking on top of that message, the user is redirected to security page of Google, more precisely to an article in the Help Center that explains more about the notice.

Meanwhile, If user choose to click on results, he’ll be redirected to the desired page, as expected. In some cases, a small warning is displayed, which will highlight the risk of continuing to the user.

Advising Webmaster & Developers

The new security mechanism from the search engine giant Google brings a lot of benefits to the website owners and developers. According to the Google, they are doing their best to contact the site’s webmaster, that were detected as suspicious or compromised via their Webmaster Tools account or any other contact email addresses which can be find on the webpage.

pirate computer

Google also provided a link to help the inexperienced webmasters who does not know how to proceed in case of cyber-attacks. Instructions can be accessed through the Help Center or through this link.

Still a lot of work to do

There are still a lot of things which Google has to work on, shore up and improve. The new Google tracking/notification service is not yet 100% operational, but the company is working as quickly as possible to make the new service fully functional, providing more security for users and site owners.


China launches own version of “Google Earth”

China launches Map World, a satellite mapping service like Google Earth.

Map World

China’s State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping has recently launched their long-anticipated online alternative mapping service, "Map World”. Its homepage features an expansive view of the Great Wall of China, capped by clouds in the shape of the continents. If you are curious to know how the site would look like, you can access it here, although it’s in Chinese, but the controls are intuitive enough.

After the recent cloning of Apple IPhone, China decided to copy the online mapping service offered by Google. This is the outcome of conflicts that occur between Google and China since last year, when a serious hacking attack originating from China prompted Google to shut down the search service in the country.

In response to Google’s decision, China has also blocked access to various services offered by Google and now, it seems, launching its own version mapping service similar to Google Earth may further complicate relations with the Internet giant.

The "Map World" offers high-resolution images of Central Beijing, which was taken on 1st October 2009, during the National Day Parade of China.


Map World only provides high-altitude images outside China, with the other side of the Chinese-North Korean border a stark white blank once a certain resolution is passed. Other countries also turn up a blank page at higher resolution.

Taiwan, considered a traitor by China has only low resolution images.

The homepage of Map World is accessible at or, so if you are proficient in Chinese linguistics and tired of Google Earth, then give “Map World” a try.